curious if I should do something


6 Years
Jul 28, 2013
New Hampshire
I have 6 23 week old chickens with a definite pecking order....and they all got along.... but I am now noticing my top chick(Peggy) pick on the lowest girl(Jen)..reminds me of (rudolph not playing in any reindeer games LOL) no blood but sad to watch... Peggy can has anyone eating off the same corn cob but the minute Jen comes over she pecks her runs her off!! anything I should do??? thanks
thanks.I do that regularly with all food and water so everyone gets their fair share.but sometimes they can be so mean
That's flock dynamics. It's worse the less space they have. Free range chickens don't do that very much.
They're too busy to be mean.
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Maybe add some things to perch on or climb under, that way she can 'get away' I had a pullet that took our roosters fancy, she did not get much of a break until she learned she could perch and be out of the way when it suited her.

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