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    I noticed that two of my birds were pecking at the other one around her earlobe (She didn't seem to mind). She has some blood feathers around her neck, so I thought that maybe one of them had burst. However, when I picked her up, she was perfectly fine with no sores or broken feathers. Does this sound like feather picking? If not, what would they be doing? I didn't think that birds groomed each other, and it doesn't seem to be agressive?

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    Hens will do that a lot, it does appear to be an affection sort of thing, I have also seen them pick stuff off each other's beaks. The one getting groomed will often close it's eyes.

    Aggressive pecking is usually from behind, the pecking bird Wil run up grab a feather than eat it, or they corner a submissive bird and begin pecking consistently until they draw blood which will make them continue, or until the pecked bird finally runs.
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    Good to know [​IMG] I don't think this was aggressive (The target hen didn't seem to mind), so will just keep an eye on them and make sure they don't get too enthusiastic and draw blood.

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