Curled Toes after 3 Weeks.

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    Oct 2, 2016

    I've been caring for a baby chick that was found alone.

    On the 20th, she began to have trouble walking. On the 23rd, she was fine, but on the 24th it came back. She also around that time stopped chirping. Usually she'd chirp when she wanted something or attention. I figured out she was walking on the top / side of her feet, and she really can't stand. Walking for her now is really hard, but she can "run" with the use of her wings.

    I read this could be a Vitamin B issue, which I added in last week. Hasn't changed much, besides she seems more lively. Still not chirping very often.

    She may now be 4 weeks old. Only weighs 41 ounces, while she was up to 43 ounces a week ago. Dropped too 39 ounces, but has been eating a lot the past two days. I imagine weight loss for a chick is bad, right?

    I have read about making boots for her, but everything I've been finding is for just hatched chicks. Anyone have a link to something showing how to make boots for older chicks?

    Any and all input is welcomed, thanks.

    Her is a pick of her feet.
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    This site has lots of good info, scroll down to the part pertaining to curled toes:

    There are lots of ways to splint or boot, and it just needs to be size appropriate and monitored for growth. I've seen it done with cardboard and bandaids, pipe cleaners, wire, plastic food lids cut to size, etc. You may have to use a little ingenuity. Continue with the vitamins (B12 being the one to look for in this case). Best of luck.
  3. KeithB

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    Oct 2, 2016
    Thanks, woke up to a new issue today.

    Her vent / anus was completed covered in dry poop. Along with the feathers around it. I was able to get it cleaned off, but it seems to be a bit extended. Her poop is coming out in a very slow white ooze, so I need to wipe it every 5 minutes or so and when I do, she pecks at the towel she is lying on.

    Now sure if that means it's painful when I do it or just uncomfortable.

    But this seems even more serious now. =\

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