Curled toes on a 1 month old

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    a 1 month old barred rock pullet's toes suddenly curled in, causing her to walk on her hocks. she was fine the day before, now this. I know this happens a lot with newly hatched chicks, and I've done the bandaid thing on younger chicks and so I did it to this 1 month old, but I'm a little confused as to how this would happen so suddenly after the chick is already 1 month old. Anyone know, or have any other hints as to what would help it?
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    Causes could in one or more: Incorrect incubation temp., vitamin deficiency, injury, disease process. I'd probably continue with hobble splint, but would definitely pick up some Polyvisol (children's liquid vitamins). See dlhunicorn's post in the tread below for more info. (thread's about crook neck, but vitamin usage same).

    Our only experience with something like this was with BBB poults owing to excessive incubation temp. They were fine until they were ten days old and started exhibiting leg weakness (no curled toes) Two had to be put down because nothing we tried worked (flat on their abdomens, peeping). The third responded to the splinting well enough to hobble around but, even on a restricted diet, only made it four months (could no longer walk, wouldn't eat treats, wouldn't call out for his chook buddies any longer - turkeys really do get depressed).

    I only refer to our experience as a way of illustrating how the same or similar symptoms can develop from disparate etiologies.

    Good luck!
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    Aug 18, 2008

    hello just wondering if your barred rock got better... mine just recently doing it for the past 4 days and im totally concerned. good luck.
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    give three drops of polyvisol into beak for a week then taper off the next week and check your feed to see if it smells musty or has excessive fines (powder) in it or spidery weblike stuff... if so throw it away and replace.
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