Curved toes (not curled)


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May 28, 2015
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So I have a couple of chicks with curved toes. They don't seem to mind at all. I tried shoes and that helped some what. I also gave riboflavin and nutri drench. I can't seem to get the very ends to straighten out. The roost fine and walk fine. Am I just being overly worried? You can see the last picture has the worst toe. It almost looks broken. But I can touch it and move it without fuss... Suggestions? 20170614_140314.jpg 20170614_140218.jpg 20170614_140142.jpg
I can't really offer you mush help, but I had a chicken with the same problem. When she was young I tried to correct it by cutting the sticky parts off of a bandage and putting her foot on top of one piece and arranging her toes properly, then sticking the second piece on top of her foot. It helped for a bit but the toes started to curve more and more and it made her lose her balance sometimes:(. But if you have already tried a shoe there is not much point in the bandage idea. I think they will be fine as long as they don't get worse. Good luck:D!
Thanks. The one that worries me most is the last picture. That one toe is almost sideways. I thought about splinting just that toe. Use a bamboo skewer and some tape. Not sure if it would really help though. Always looking for other opinions on hair brained ideas.

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