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    Mar 4, 2009
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    I well custom Build you your own personal website!

    I have a fair bit of Experience In developing Websites. The websites i build are all XHTML Valid, as well as CSS/CSS3 Valid. Here is the most recent example of my work ( this was a mock up of a website for mom's work

    have also devloped my own poultry website ( as well as my design site (, Generaly websites take 1-2 weeks to develop.

    If you would like to add a CMS to the website it would be 135.00

    If you chose to host with me hosting is 1.25 per month. This is on my own Server (IE. No one else but me uses it so the site well be lighting fast! It's the same server as is on).

    If you would like i can use CSS3 ( not supported by all browsers but most common like Chrome and FireFox). This well cut loading time on the page even more! is done with CSS3, it only uses two images (three including that little plus button) the rest is done with modern technology.

    Please email me if you would like a website! I take paypal in both US and CAD [​IMG]

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