Custom Incubation/Hatching Agreement!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Kekko, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Mar 29, 2010
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    I have had some people call me about doing some custom incubating this year so I have been thinking about trying it this year! It would only be local for people that can't, don't or won't incubate their own. I haven't figured out the prices yet. I have one person that is talking 200 to 300 eggs another that is talking 30 to 40 eggs yet another that has some chickens I’m interested in that I told I might do it on a 50/50 arrangement. I have been working on a "Custom Incubation/Hatching Agreement". Thought I would throw it out there and see what you guys think. Pick it apart! I'm looking for the critics so I’ll know what I need to change/ad/delete!

    I may not even do it!

    Just something I was thinking about after people came to me asking!



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    May 8, 2010
    where is a magnifying glass... [​IMG]
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    I am going to just throw this out there. If I need a signed agreement with parties I am doing something like this for,Why am I doing it? I don't need the headache, I don't need the problems. I will do it for so much per egg , up front NO GAURENTEES. We raise some pretty compettitive market lambs for shows. We have a pretty impressive ram arsenal ,that has cost well into the 5 figure range. I do offer select customers stud ram service at my farm on my terms. No paper no promise. I get x dollars upfront for stud service, Rams don't leave my farm, I can reject any and all ewes if they do not meet my health criteria. I don't stand any death loss of ewes,no reasons, none. No liability.If you get no lambs from your EXPOSED ewes, not my problem. My ewes lambed that were in with same ram at same time. To many things that you can not control. Most people will walk when I list the terms. I have several that we do breed for. They have excellent sheep, excellent crops of lambs, and are completely happy with the arangement and understand the risks of owning stock.They know it costs to buy a top stud propect.The rest are free to lay down the cash and buy thier own. We have found that top manageres have no problem with our terms,. Ones that want a paper contract and promises, ended up with another party, and that has been endless headachs and litigation for those people. People that want contracts , are allready looking for reasons for reimbursement if unhappy with the outcome. A signed contract can lead to lots of problems ,depending on which lawyer is reading the contract. And If I need a contract with a partner, do I want to partner with them? Just some advice from and ol guy that been around the block a few time. And Its free, so you get what youy pay for.
    Good luck in what you choose to do.

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