Cut off circulation, recuperating--separate?


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One of my Buff Orps got her head caught between the back wall of the nest boxes (three in a row) and one of the dividers. It's THIN plywood. Like bendable thin, but they're screwed together... With her feathers working against her, she couldn't back her head out. She was in there for several hours and she's a broody girl--so I never suspected a thing until 5pm when it was long after she's normally there.

Once I got the back wall pulled back, she pulled her head out... and just sat. It took her maybe 10 minutes to get turned around and to the opening of the nest. Then she stepped outside of it. She drank water from my hands but started putting her head down and her butt up and closing her eyes. I kept talking to her and trying to get her to open her eyes. Then I closed off the top of the coop where she was and decided she'd either need the rest, or need the privacy to pass in peace. We lost another hen because she was peeking through the back wall of the nests (where the eggs roll) and got her wing caught on the divider--and I guess she tired herself out to death... literally. So I knew that this might be the case with Buffy.

I let about 15 minutes go by and let another hen up. She was okay, but I decided to let Buffy rest more. I went out 15 minutes after and she moved to the other side of the coop--which was great. Lethargic, but moved. I let another hen up and she pecked at Buffy near the beak. I shooed her down and closed the top again. At that point, Buffy REALLY let me handle her well and my hens are truly not hand-trained. They JUST about tolerate it. But I was petting her and she just wasn't moving. Head up, eyes open and all, but not moving.

Should I move her into a cardboard box in the house for the night? Or should I let them be? It's just getting to dusk here. I have 8 hens total if that makes any difference. They were hatched on Memorial Day '07. Not sure what info matters.



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Feb 6, 2008
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* If the others are showing the inclination to peck at her as they are, then I'd separate her. You don't need that started & neither does she. Plus, it will allow you to watch her and treat her better. S/o else will have to advise you about her eggs, though-- Sorry bout that.
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