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  1. So I don't have any bio kids but I do help my partner raise his 7 y/o son. Bubba has been a part of my life for a few years now and I find myself being taught more than doing the teaching when it comes to him. (this was a surprise to me to say the least) Any way's we had a rough go of it while trying to adjust to all this change and along the way got some great story's to traumatize him with later on in life when he begins dating! :twisted:

    So last night I was nervously preparing dinner, why so nervous you ask? Well my little guy is a VERY picky eater. He won't eat much of anything and what he will eat is predominantly what I call "box food" anything chalk full of preservatives is A OK with him. Of course I prefer fresh made foods .... this has been an issue for a long while now. Any way's fast forward to last night, I'm roasting a chicken that I have stuffed with stuffing, baking biscuit's, gravy, and my family's favorite.... my great grandmother Oakie green beans.

    I make his plate and hold my breath..... He takes one bit of those green beans look at me and say's "Oh I LOVE that... like... A LOT!" Go figure.... lol the one thing I make that's veggies, green, and fresh the one thing I was SURE he would turn his little nose up at... he ate up like it was getting ready to run away from him!

    Then, today I get a call from my partner... Bubber's lost a tooth! Now IDK about other non parental "parent" people such as myself , but the last time I was THIS excited about the tooth fairy I was.... 6.... gap toothed.... and a silver dollar richer! In fact I think I'm more excited now that I was as a child! (Is it always like that for us grown up's? experiencing child hood all over again and giddy as all heck?)

    This whole "raising a child" thing is really new to me still but the more time that goes by the more I really enjoy it. Any one want to share their cute kid story's/memories?
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    I have two sons that are 2 and 4, they are non stop funny, even when they are being mean. My two nieces (7&9) are visiting us for a month this summer and yesterday when they were all playing a make believe role playing game that only girls could come up with, I over heard my 4yo calling the girls stupid. He is not allowed to say stupid and he knows it so I called him over for the "it's not nice to say stupid, it hurts peoples feelings talk" and after my lecture he just looked at me and so logically told me, " I'm sorry girls are so stupid Mom, they just are not boys." I wanted to bust up laughing but of course I had to wait until he turned and walked away. It was so funny.

    I know what you mean about the tooth fairy thing, my older niece lost her tooth while we were camping last week and she put it under her pillow, I was overly excited and replaced it with $5. Come to find out the tooth fairy only gives her $2 at home...oops! I hope she doesn't start pulling them out on purpose while she is here, lol.
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    Quote:Save face with her parents and explain that it was the 'woods fairy' substituting for the 'tooth fairy' while their daughter was away camping. [​IMG] 'woods fairys' have no practical use for money. They have not a clue to it's value!
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    Our 9yr old DD is famous for saying the most random things...

    Yesterday she walked through the kitchen, looked at me and in a very English accent says 'I have a cockroach in my brasierre' and keeps walking...

    I also overheard the following comment to her 20 year old brother

    Lindsey: "OMGosh! I could wrap up in there like a blanket"

    Followed by 'Lindsey!!! leave my armpit hair alone'

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    My eldest understands what I do at work as a Project Manager. During dinner one night, the youngest asked, "Dad, what do you do all day at work". The eldest says " He tells people what they need to do and then yells at them when they don't do it". The youngest looked at the wife says, "Mom, they pay him to do Dad stuff?" [​IMG]
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