Cute mustang gelding in Northern Illinois looking for great home


14 Years
Jun 11, 2008
Poplar Grove, IL
Hi Folks,

Rowan is a 10 year old, 15 hand bay gelding. He was started maybe 5 years ago but not ridden since.

He is not a beginner's horse, he can react long before he thinks when something frightens him. Much like some thoroughbreds.

He's very good for the vet and farrier. He's always received typical vet and farrier care since I got him as a four year old.

Here he is eating next to one of his buddys. The dark bay is a 16.2 TB and makes Rowan look small but I'm sure he's at least 15 hands.

I know he looks pretty mangy in the photos, it had just rained and he's shedding out and clearly I haven't groomed him all winter

Anyway he's available for someone who has horse experience.

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