Cutest Cochin Contest!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Cutest Cochin Contest!!😁 This contest is for cochins, bantam cochins, or cochin crosses only! There are no prizes involved, it is just for fun! I will be judging this contest when it ends.


1. Up to three entries per person.
2. Must contain a picture, name of birds(s), age, the color(s) of the cochin(if you know), and any other commentary.
3. Has to be a cochin, a bantam cochin, a cochin cross, or anything that has to do with cochins.
4. Submissions will be cut on November 10th.

This is Coco! She is about 3-4ish months in these pictures, but I do not really remember. She is a black LF cochin. Coco is my favorite cochin and chicken because she is the sweetest. She will sit on my lap and snuggle with me and fall asleep. We also have 1 LF white cochin and 2 LF partridge cochins. :love
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A few tags: @FluffyLambs @Overo Mare (You guys can join if you want to but you don't have to. You were just the first ones I thought of who had cochin related anything.;))

Have fun, everyone!
When does this end?
Here is Angel.

She's a White Cochin, 3.5 years, and loves cuddles 🤣
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More feathers now but she was damp in this picture 😒

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