Cuts on feet


May 17, 2015
Hi, I need some advice on what to do with my little cockerel. My babies are 8 weeks old and I felt sorry for them with the weather we are supposed to get tomorrow with a slight leak in their coop and I work all day so I gathered them up to bring inside. I noticed my boy had mud/poop all over his feet so I tried to wipe it off and noticed hanging skin and then it began to bleed. He has a pretty decent gash on his right foot and a smaller on the left. The bigger gash seems to be scabbed over?
I ran his feet under some warm water and gently tried to rub all the gunk off but didn't get very far. His foot seems swollen though he isn't acting painful. I dried the feet off and sprayed some antiseptic on them. I've read chickens are pretty tough and heal well, anything else I should do? I work in veterinary surgery so I have access to anything I might need but feel inclined to just wait it out? I can put him on an antibiotic if need be.
Here are some pictures:



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