cWill this be a chocolate color?


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this is my first time with Guinea's and I have three chicks that just hatched, this one is the first one. What color will it be? They were sold to me as Chocolate Hatching eggs. I will get pictures of the other two soon, they have different coloring
No... that's not a Chocolate, a Chocolate will have 2 tone tan/brown broken stripes on it's head, wider 2 tone tan/brown stripes on it's back and white wings, face, chest, belly.

It sort of looks like a Lavender or Lite Lavender to me just going by the over all body color (which looks silver/grey), but I can't really see any stripes in this pic to confirm. Is the body color tan or silver/grey? Can you get a pic of the keets head and back from above? I'll be able to ID it better if you can.

If I were you I'd get the keet or keets off the newspaper bedding, they are going to slip on it, injure their leg joints and end up with splayed leg and can have crippling leg issues and pain the rest of it's life. I use textured paper towels, clean old towels that don't have any loose strings or that textured rubberized shelf liner for several days at first. Even straw is better than newspaper.
I hope I didn't mess up their legs, I have taken the paper out, is there a way I can help the legs the one is really having trouble standing, darn it

Here is a picture of the other one, there are two that look like this.

here is another picture of the first one, it's not a good picture either, they are sooo wiggly!

thanks for your help!
I have a lot to learn
The top one is a Pied Pearl Grey, and the bottom is a Lavender, just as I thought

To fix splayed legs you can use a thin strip (around 1/4") of medical tape, vet wrap or even a couple bandaids and make a hobble for it's legs to keep them aligned, put it above it's feet and below it's hocks. Check the width that the legs should be apart on a normal keet, and try to brace the keet with the leg issue at the same distance apart. The keet will have to re-learn balance and how to walk, but usually they figure it out in a short time. You may need to help it get up a few times, and you'll want to make sure it can't do a face plant in the water dish and drown. I usually leave the brace on for a couple days, and then I check to see how it's doing, reapply another brace if it needs it. You can do a search for splayed legs, or spraddle leg and get a lot more info with pics to help you. Hopefully it is just splayed legs and not a rotated femur, which is rarely fixable. The sooner you brace/hobble it the better chance for recovery it has tho. Good luck with it!
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Glad you got the keet's legs braced up and that it's standing already, that's a good sign

Very cute keets, and your chicks are cute too!

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