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    Jan 26, 2014
    I have a friend with a 8 month old cx hen whom is laying beautiful big eggs. Now my question is would she still have the choice to butcher and the bird taste the "same"?

    My second question is out if 208 CX I have a few that basically never grew. They are 14 weeks and around 2 pounds. How many people have successfully kept theirs?
    (Pullets). I even seperated these ones to their own area thinking they were being picked on and away from feeders. After two weeks of their own space there's been virtually no change in them. Most of the other ones are butchered and in the freezer at about 4lbs after butcher. These ones are barely two pounds before butcher?? They are super friendly and if anyone believes there's a chance I would like to try and keep them.
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    The 8-month old CX will not taste like an 8-week CX. It's not a bad thing. I butcher birds of all ages, including old hens. Your friend will want to adjust the cooking method for an older bird--pot pie, soup, coq au vin, ect.

    Is there any chance your non-growers aren't CX? Keep them if you want.

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