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    I have been asking questions regarding Cabinet style incubators for a few weeks now. Over the past few days I have finally had the time to go out to the wood shop and begin building my incubator. I dont have much time off to work on it so pictures are few but I thought everyone might want to see what I have so far. Everyone loves Picutres right?

    The entire incubator is made from Cypress except for the corner post which are made from Reclaimed Heart pine removed from a house built circa 1780!

    Heart Pine Corner Post with floor and one wall fitted

    View from the back, Top shelf and Divider installed. Fan hole is offset to accomadate a Computer PSU to power electronics

    View from the front, Large upper panel will house the control panel

    View of front and side

    View of side, Strip on top will be a hinge point for front and back lids

    Back door for access to Turning motor and Computer PSU

    Front Door will be in the same style as back with Glass window instead of wooden panel. Once the Glass comes in I will take pictures.

    The plan is to finish the inucbator in Tung oil and then a varnish.

    I will update as I go along. Please feel free to comment and critic my design.
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    May 3, 2011
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    impressive - cant wait for it to be done.
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    Aug 10, 2011
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    Man you ought to have a woodworking show on PBS...WOW !WOW!...cva34
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    Thanks! The glass for the front door should be in by Friday so I may have an update this weekend!
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    WOW you are awesome. I like how the wood is pieced together, I don't know what the technique is, but it looks very good.
  6. Dogginfox

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    Most parts are put together with a mortise and tenon technique and either glued in place or pocket hole screws.

    I am currently re-wiring and cleaning the turning mechanism to ensure decades more service in its new home.
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    Sep 22, 2011
    Nice work! Are you for hire?[​IMG]
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    I had some more time to spend out at the shop this past week, Here is the progress I have made. I think im close to 75% finished!

    Back Door in place

    Lucy thinks its a Dog House!!!!

    Testing the fit of the turning system

    Top and Trim installed

    Mortised hinges on top

    Both sideds of the top open nicely

    Dry fitting the fan

    Dry fitting fan, turner motor and Computer PSU

    I need to get the control panel made and installed so I can get everything wired and organized before I tear it all apart to Sand and Finish it.
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    I had a little time to work on the incubator today. I took all the metal parts and stripped almost all of them down to bare Metal and then soaked them in muratic acid to remove the galvanised coating that was starting to fail. I took a few videos of the process and posted them to youtube. I have applied the first coat of paint to the stripped parts and will post some pictures when done. For now here are the links to the videos.

    Removing of the galvanized finish

    Neutralizing of the acid

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    What a gem... [​IMG] [​IMG]

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