*A Scrambled Egg*
14 Years
Feb 8, 2009
and to think I only went for three chicks, Let's just say I went to the feed store and my mommy(yes, I'm an adult and call my mom, mommy) bought us some baby chicks!!! We are sooooo eggcited!

I got 1 slw, 1 rir, and the kids got 4 amerucanas, chicks came in from ideal this morning and there we boat loads of people coming in for them
One of the amerucanas is the most beautiful chick I have ever seen, wont be surprise if it ends up being a roo although they "said" they were all sexed to be pullets. There's always room for mistakes right?! It's chicken math...

< The yellow one with the stripe on its head it my fav, the one who will probably turn out to be a roo

If you got your chicks from the feed store then their "Ameraucanas" are probably just Easter Eggers. When they sex chicks it's not 100% accurate so once in awhile if you order pullets, you might find a rooster. The first time I got chicks was from a nearby feedstore, they were 2 EEs, 1 SLW, 1 red sex link, 1 BO, and 1 black australorp. Good luck on your chicks! When they are older you can post pictures of your chicks for us to sex them.

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