Damage to chick when removing pasty poop.

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    Oct 11, 2012
    All the books we've read about raising chicks make a big deal out of watching for pasty butt; however, they don't show the anatomy of a chick so we didn't know exactly where to look (sounds dumb until you see an umbilical cord in the same vicinity). My DH saw a blackish piece of something he thought was dried poop on a couple chicks' bottoms, and in an effort to remove what he thought was pasty poop he picked them off.

    I don't know the whole story, but then there was blood and my daughter was crying. I found out on this forum that it was probably a bit of the umbilical cord he pulled off (why can't they mention this in the books???) and now we're not sure what to do about the injury to the two chicks' bottoms. The worst affected chick -- the last to hatch and the smallest of the group of 15 -- is acting fine...eating and drinking and running around, but is there anything we can do to prevent infection or help the booboo heal?

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    Don't worry, we all make mistakes as we learn. I also wasn't sure what the cord stump was when I saw it the first time! Put some antiseptic/antibiotic cream on it and keep an eye on it. But it should be O.K. Just make sure the other chicks don't peck it!
    Adding some Apple Cider Vinegar to their drink water will help prevent pasty butt. I use a ratio of 4-5 tablespoons to a gallon water. Plain yoghurt (when they're a little older) is also good for them. Good luck and enjoy your chicks!
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    You could put a little neosporin on it. Make sure it is the NON PAIN relief kind. The pain relief stuff is bad for them.

    Watch to make sure the other chicks don't start picking at it. If there is blood they sometimes will.
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    aparently using a red bulb in the heat lamp stops the picking,lucklily never had to deal with an issue that required it; to find out though.
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    Oct 11, 2012
    LOL...good to know about the red light, but the creature who was picking on the chick was my husband! [​IMG]

    All chicks seem to be happy and have clean butts today, so hopefully this crisis was averted.

    Thanks to all for your comments and advice.
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