Dang it! I think we have gapeworm in the coop

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  1. I have been watching my chickens for the past two weeks. I noticed some sneezes and head shaking. There is absolutely no signs of progressing respiratory infections. No wheezing, rattles, snotting, bubbly eyes, lethargy ect. I had even bought Tylan injectable just in case antibiotics became necessary. In the past week I have noticed a few of them doing that yawning thing. The more I am watching them the more I am thinking gapeworm [​IMG]
    They are acting fine; eating, drinking, causing mischief. Just this occasional sneezing, head shaking and yawning thing.

    I read that Ivermectin is the thing to use for gapeworm? Is the oral equine paste okay or does it have to be the injectable stuff given orally? Or is there something even better out there?

    Thanks in advance

    Oh and it's only limited to a few of my cluckers. Not all of them are doing this.
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    If it's just an occasional open beak, yawn thing, and the occasional shaking of head...I think it's nothing more than they are adjusting the contents of their crop. Birds do that. Sneezing can be environmental. One of my hens ALWAYS sneezes around 3pm, standing frozen motion and sneezing a whole bunch of times in a row. She sounds like a squeeze toy! DH and I giggle about it. I think she's more sensitive to dust than the rest of them.

    With worms, you'd see them in the poop, and some people even open the mouths of their birds and see gapeworms in their throat, although a lot of people don't see them. Also, gapeworm infected birds toss their heads constantly and gasp when they breath. Gapeworms live in the trachea. They are relatively rare.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents worth. Maybe someone who has experience with gapeworm can give you more advice.
  3. Good to know this is probably normal. I will keep a close eye on them, I'd hate to medicate if it's unnecessary.

    ~ Steph
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    A year ago I had the same issue as well with one of my hens (a silkie) as soon as I received it from the breeder. I drove myself crazy trying to identify it as gapeworm. I took her to 2 different aviary vets and wormed her with Ivermectin drops and injectables as well as looked down her throat multiple times. It turned out that there was nothing wrong at all and she was just hot having come from the north to Florida.
  5. Yup these are silkies! The weather here in KY has been comparable to a LA bayou for weeks now! Ill try just adding some extra electrolytes to the water for now and see if that helps.


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