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    Jan 27, 2011
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    So my sister has gotten on board with me on healthier eating. Now mind you she is currently living with us, partly because she is recovering from a congenital heart problem that decided it wanted to kick her in the butt, and partly to help take care of our parents.

    The conversation this morning goes as follows

    Me: I see you're finaly into oatmeal.

    Sister: Yeah I finaly found a way I like it.

    Me: I notice you've gotten into the soy milk to, you should try the almond milk. that stuff is good.

    Sister: i have and I like Vanilla silk better.

    I head into the kitchen to make my usual oatmeal with amaranth, flaxseed, wheat germ, sliced fruit and vanilla silk

    " Me: My oatmeal is gone!

    sister: yeah sorry there was only one serving left.

    I sigh and pull out the instant oats. [​IMG]

    me: where's the bananas?

    sister: Mom ate them

    so I pull out the raisins.

    finally I walk into the living room where my sister is watching tv " do.. you know where the Silk went?

    my sister gives me a sheepish grin and snickers and I throw up my hands and walk back into the kitchen

    Maybe it isn't a good idea that suddenly my family is becoming more health conscious. that means I have to share all my good stuff!

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    Mar 7, 2011
    I would try hiding my good stuff in "bad stuff" packaging. [​IMG] Silk in a half gallon whole milk container, and so forth. That is so nice of you to help your sister and parents, but healthy stuff is expensive. Maybe accidently let them see your grocery receipt.

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