Dang Rats/Mice might have took a egg with a chick in it.

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  1. Our black Australorp is very broody and has hatched out 4 babies so far and 3 more hatching out. Well, we had 14 eggs. We notice one is missing. We looked at the eggs we gathered and in the refrigerator and no Xs. We are thinking a rat/mouse might have took off with one. What can we do for these pests? Cats never go out to the chicken coop. And I refuse to use poison on anything. It looks they dug tunnels from outside to under the chicken nest box.

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    if you have netting then make sure to bury it at least 15 inch. into the ground so they cant dig under. if they are digging into the nest box, you might want to get a different one with a wooden or stone bottom.[​IMG]
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    I must say, look like you have lazy cats[​IMG] My property was infested with rats and mice when I moved in. But two of my catzillas moved in with me and they are the best mice hunters!!!! I would find many dead half eaten rodent bodies all the time. Unfortunately they will also catch birds and lizards. That is the sad part. Now, I don't think any rat or mice left on my property. Occasionally they might will come from the neighbors, but that would be the end of their journey. My girls especially good if I don't give them food all day when I am gone, so they are extra hungry for little creatures. And they spend most of the time outdoors, especially at night.(I don't have wild life predators on my property)
    Try not feed the cats for day or two, and let them roam outside. They all have hunting instincts in them, they just need motivation. If that doesn't help, my advise, find a new cat, or I would say catzilla [​IMG]
  4. The nest if a plastic dog house, we have always used for chickens.

    It isn't that the cats are lazy. I have 2, mine and my mothers, that stay outside most of the day. They prefer the front yard or in the woods. And my 3rd cat is inside only.

    I am seriously tempted to block the chickens outside for a little bit. Scrap the floor and make it even. Then concrete the base of the coop or place wood. The coop was already here and unfinished.
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    maybe put a squar of wire mesh under the nest box . And I doubt it was a mouse your typical field mouse is way to tiny to move an egg. Rats can do it but they would have to be fairly motivated as most eggs are good size. I wounder if you hve some sort of weasle or something .
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    The concrete will be better, because if it is a rat it will chew through the wood. I read the article about rodents that they actually can chew through wood and metal, because their front teeth designed for that. Their teeth never stop growing all their lives so they keep them at desired length by shewing through very hard surfaces. So, go with concrete.
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    Mice are not able to carry or move an object of that size. Trust me I have 8! Rats? Yes. Look at using some concrete pavers and laying them out on the ground and/or digging a hole and filling it with wire and large rocks where you see evidence of burrowing. :) I love you for not using poison! All of my mice traps in my home are humane. Congrats!
  8. I have had mice as well, plus rats, gerbils, and currently have a small hamster. About 12 at one time. My friend had 4 at one time. My biggest mouse and her biggest mouse could move the food bowls, hides, etc. And I moved the chicken/dog house. They is always one small hole on the inside under the house and 1 outside near the coop. And I have seen mice running around in the chicken coop.
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