Dangerous Eggs?


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Northeastern Michigan
I’m worried about one of my hens. She just started laying and every egg has been huge. Don’t eggs get bigger as the hen ages, I’m afraid if hers do she won’t be able to push them out. Can I do anything, should I be worried?

heres a pic to show how big they are



They don't look as big in the pic for some reason but they hardly fit in the egg carton.

-Also she's a white leghorn.
One of my hens routinely lays giant eggs. No problems yet. On the other hand, she's a big bird.
I have heard that eggs become more normal sized after the first few but...

I just hope she'll be okay!
She's a white Leghorn, a skinny little thing. The eggs just have one yolk. I hope its just a freak/just learning how to lay kind of thing, and that the eggs get smaller or at the very least stay the same size.
I made this same post about a month or two ago! I was so worried too when my wee little EE girls started popping humongous eggs. I just kept an eye on them. But nothing ever went wrong. I guess they are just stretchy!! Ha.
Some new layers will lay a bunch of double yolks or odd sized eggs and then go to more normal eggs. I had an EE hen that laid huge eggs over 70grams every day, some with double yolks, and then one day they dropped off. A few months after she started laying she was laying normal sized eggs and has kept that up.

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