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    Even though the info within the article (link below) has to do with health certificate recquirements for "exporting" poultry to other states within the USA (instead of your country Israel) it does show you what is entailed within the very general description of "health" and I would believe similar to be of importance to getting such a certificate to your country (testing for pullorum, AI etc) ... please note that the testing must be done several days to sometimes a month before actual export takes place!

    more info on international exports of (live) birds:

    Here is the form/info your country recquires for the importation of turkeys (I imagine similar is recquired for poultry and silkies will be poultry and not "pet" birds in all likelihood:
    Health Certificate No.________
    (Valid Only if the USDA Veterinary
    Seal Appears Over the Certificate #)
    Nature and identification of means of transport:
    IV. I, the undersigned, a duly authorized veterinarian by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
    hereby certify that:
    A. The United States is free of avian influenza.
    B. The hatchery and the flock of origin of the said birds/hatching eggs, as well
    as all areas in a 10 km radius have been free from New Castle disease
    during the last 12 months.
    C. The day-old chicks/day-old turkeys/hatching eggs described above
    originated from the above mentioned hatchery/flocks, which uses eggs
    obtained only from breeding flocks that are known to be free from bacillary
    white diarrhoea (Pullorum disease), Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Salmonella
    typhimurium, Salmonella enteritidis and from Arizona hinshawii (for
    turkeys only).
    D. The breeding flocks/hatchery from which the hatching eggs/day-old
    chicks/day-old turkeys originated were free from evidence of infectious
    diseases day old water fowls and in particular of Avian influenza,
    Newcastle disease, Salmonella enteritidis, Avian chlamydiosis (Ornithosis),
    Tuberculosis and Reticuloendothliosis during the last 12 months.
    E. The chicks have not been treated with antibiotics or other bactericidal or
    bacteriostatic agents.
    F. A Pullorum-gallinarum agglutination test, of all (100%) the birds in the
    flocks of origin, has been carried out within 12 months prior to the date of
    export, with negative results.
    Date of Test __________________
    G. An ELISA test for Reticuloendothliosis has been carried out in the
    breeding flock of origin within 2 months prior to the date of export with
    negative results.
    Date of Test
    Health Certificate No.________
    (Valid Only if the USDA Veterinary
    Seal Appears Over the Certificate #)
    Health Certificate No.________
    (Valid Only if the USDA Veterinary
    Seal Appears Over the Certificate #)
    H. Routine monitoring of the flocks of origin and their progeny has not
    disclosed infection with Salmonella enteritidis.
    _______________________________ ____________________________________
    _______________________________ Type or Print - Name of Endorsing Federal
    Type or Print - Name/Address Veterinarian (Valid only if the USDA
    Issuing Accredited Veterinarian USDA Veterinary Seal appears over the
    Signature of the Endorsing Federal
    _______________________________ (______)____________________________
    Signature-Accredited Veterinarian Date Endorsed/Signature Endorsing Federal

    ...this means you need the breeder to have the testing done and cannot wait till you get into the USA to try and get the certificate IMHO.
    Perhaps others here at BYC has further ideas and tips for you.
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