d'Anvers bantams question

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12 Years
Apr 15, 2007
Okay so i was weak and got a pair of d'Anvers bantams and don't know really much about their breed i know they are only in bantam size and originate from england and all but the question is
Are the a good breed do you have problems with the males having agression tords humans and such.

The male i bought is still young and the person who kept being bitten by him. (which i believe that she just didn't handle him before) So when i've been working with him with handling and so far he has not shone agression tords me for ive been holding him and petting his face and not bitten me once. So is there breed of male agrssive to people for i saw one site were the person said that the males are agressive
thanks M.J
In my experience, I don't believe breed has much to do with it. I believe it is how they are raised, for the most part. There are always exceptions to this, as some roosters are naturally aggressive , but it is an individual circumstance, not the breed. Good luck!
I have 5 bantam roosters- 1 RIR, 1 brown-red MG, 1 birchen MG, 1 Mille-Fleur D'Uccle, and 1 Silverduckwing OEG.

I have never been seriously been bitten by any of them. The Brown-red was not used to being handled, but after a week of holding and talking to him, he is very tame. He loves the attention.

My RIR has tried to peck me, but that was when I was picking up an egg that was by him. He was also stressed out at the time. But normally, they are all tame, and love to be handled. Our D'Uccle rooster is the tamest of them all.

Have fun with your rooster!!
thanks every one. I think she just didn't handle them and so with that they were afraid. I have found that some birds just do not like some people for i had this one rooster. That if my friend who also has chickens tried to touch him, he would biter her, yet he never tryed to bite me not even once.
I've been working with the rooster and he seems quite nice when i get the chance i carry him every where which he seems to like and I even freely put my hand in his cage to do refills and stuff and have not be bitten. I even named him quincie.
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