darkened duck eggs


7 Years
May 15, 2012
i rescued 9 eggs from the river about 4 days ago from
boys who were wanting to throw them. when we got them they were a light green almost blue color so i am assuming they are mallard duck eggs. today i noticed that they were turning a dark color (except for the dud we discovered after candeling). i read about this because they were also splotchy and everything i read said that they would be dead. i then did a water test where i put them in warm water and they floated except for the dud. im wondering if they are still alive or have they all died? from candeling them we think they are about 26 ish days old.
It's not a good sign. Especially if it's a purple blotchy, patchy coloration. I'm assuming you have them in an incubator?

And shame on those boys.

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