Day 12 Clear & Quitter?


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May 31, 2019
Moore County, NC
Please tell me what you think. Both of these eggs are at Day 12 of incubation. I would be surprised to get any to hatch out of this batch, as they were past their prime when I received them due to them sitting en route to me longer than ideal, and all had saddled and rolling air cells. Out of the 11 eggs, I am planning to remove 6 as they loudly slosh around with any movement and bubbles move all around inside the egg. I just wanted to make sure on these.

Egg A (Clear? Never developed any veins or showed anything)

Egg B (Early Quitter? No vein development, just the dark spot that gets darker by the day)
I will be thrilled if I get some of these to hatch, as this was a very exciting purchase and I love the breeds and crosses in this batch. The seller told me that she's had luck incubating these eggs past 10 days, so that gave me hope, but I'm a bit worried, especially with some of the eggs being 15 days old whenever I received them, if I'm being honest.
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White and very light off white. Thank you. I didn't think they were showing any development either, so I'm happy we're in agreement. My broody silkie pullet is sitting on some eggs (they weren't as old, nor in as bad shape as these) and I candled them and only noticed 2 out of 5 developing, but I wasn't confident because I was using a flashlight and the sun was still out, so I left them. I candled again today and I can see development in at least 4 of the 5, didn't bother her to check the last one, so I wasn't confident in my findings with the eggs in the incubator. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate you
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