Day 14 and the temperaure keeps going north!


6 Years
Aug 10, 2013
I have incubated enough that I know by day 16 to really be aware of the temperature, its around this time that the little cluckers start generating their own heat and if not watched every couple hours someone new to incubating can find their temps at 105+... I usually start to watch the bator around the end of day 15 but for the last half of today, day 14, I have had a hard time keeping it under 103, I have turned it down (hovabator still air) almost a full rotation... I think I have it pretty stable now, its back to 101.5-102.6

Good thing I had to go into the incubator room to get something.. I put the turner back in for this hatch and haven't been keep as close an eye on it as I was when I was hand turning..

Just an FYI to all the newbies to hatching

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