Day 17 and I'm worried about the temp.....


12 Years
Mar 11, 2007
Everything was going good in the 'bator...I kept the water trays full and the temp stayed a nice 99.7 farenheit. Now we're on day 17, and on 15 the 'bator decided 98.6 was a better temp. I haven't touched the thermostat, and add water two nights ago and wonder if that's what did it. I remember reading somewhere that as humidity goes up, temperature must go down, and vice a versa. Now I'm really worried....Can they still hatch if the temp is 99.4 or 99.8? Or will they all be dead in shell? It's a LG 9200 w/ the fan kit installed.
PS- Any suggestions from other LG incubator owners on increasing the humidity?


11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
Near Antelope Island, Utah!!
I've been bragging to friends that my hatch rate is 100% so far this year, despite temps that ranged from 97 (for over a day) to 103 (for about 4 hours.) The rest of the time, we were at 99-100. In addition the turner quit for 2 days, and my humidity is always jumpy (I live in the dry dry west....hard to stabilize).

PS - don't be impressed by the 100%!! I have sat, and hatched, ONE egg this year......HOWEVER, I just put 26 lively ones in the hatchers, and they had similar temps. Just 2 ringers and 2 clears. Last year was a much tougher year, due to a out-of-whack hygrometer, that I didn't know to calibrate (until someone here suggested it).

Good Luck!!

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