Day 18.5 humidity too low

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    transferred my eggs out of the turner and back into the bator into egg cartons. filled all the wells in the bottom tray added a small new kitchen sponge soaked with warm water, a larger sponge cut in two to lay along the sides as well and a small container of warm water- humidity only gets to 54 or 55. Did spike to 61 for a very short time then down to 54 and hovers between 52-54 or so. I didn't add paper towels to the small water cup, but could do that and the sponge I cut in half didn't hold as much water (sponge material wasn't as dense. So I'm thinking of removing the less dense sponges, replace with two more new kitchen sponges, adding paper towels drapped to the small water container and soaking a dish towel and adding that. low mid 50's is too low for a good hatch typically- right? humidity was 46-48 or 49 during the first 18 days with no water. Began incubation on those very humid days and with only minimal water humidity was in the 60's so I incubated dry. Now with outside humidity "normal" I can't get the in bator humidity up. Temps have been consistent, humidity seems very dependent on outside environment. Arrgghh. Any thought folks, thanks, Keystonepaul
  2. What you are aiming to achieve is more surface area of water. That is how you get the humidity up. So the more soaked sponges you have, the better. Placing a paper towel part way into a cup of water and then spreading it out may have the same effect. It can wick the water up out of the cup onto a larger surface area. Good luck! [​IMG]
  3. Oh...also...always use the warmest water you can...
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    I dont use sponges. Paper towels work better just fold them 2 times and place them in a lid full of water. Keep water added to raise the humidity. You can even get one dripping wet a place it on the side of the incubator. I never have trouble getting the humidity up this way. [​IMG] What is the humidity in the room where the bator is?
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