Day 18 is here! Need hatching vibes. UPDATE Day 22 It died.


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My lonely little egg is now off the turner! I had two batches of eggs in which most didn't develop. Now I have one little Bantam Salmon Faverolles due to hatch Tues. I really wish I'd planned better now, cause it's Spring Break and here I am stuck around the house for just one egg.

The little Sam Fav was still kicking yesterday, so I'm praying she'll make it all the way.
Send me some good hatching vibes, everyone!
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You know you dont HAVE to be at the house it can hatch or start hatching by its self.
That being said I also have one lone egg due to hatch the 26 though I think it may be a day or two late the temp keeps droping, yesterday for no aparent reason and when I woke up this morning my power was out and it was down to 86 in the bator, then five minutes after it came on it went back out , its on now and back up to 93 and riseing. Im about ready to duct tape all these eggs to my body, my power dosnt go out and my temp dosnt drop for no reason , sorry I ramble , my point was gonna be I dont think Ill be going anywhere till the thing hatches and the baby has a day or two under his belt.
I know, I've been in and out all day. My husband wants me to leave and be gone for two days, though. I don't think that will work. I know it can stay in bator a day or so. I've just put so much worry into this one little egg, I want to be here when it hatches.

Good luck on your ducks!
The baby died in the shell without pipping. Could I have more rotten luck? I can't believe how upset I am about this!
Julie, whenever I have a chick that seems in distress, I always help it a little. I take a pencil and crack the outer shell of the egg and leave it for about 5 hours. Most of the time I come back and the little guy is out. A few times I have had to peel the end of the shell off and remove the stuck membrane. Then within a few hours the chick is out. I have never lost one that I have helped and they all have done well, unless they grow up and the coyote gets them.
So sorry for you loss! I understand completely, I have 8 eggs now 1/2 way through Day 24 and still nothing. Tomorrow morning, we plan to open the tops to see if there happens to be anything; although I'm certainly not counting on it.

You do put a lot of worry into those little eggs don't you....

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