Day 18


11 Years
May 8, 2008
Cottage Grove, OR
We're on Day 18 of our first bator experience!! We're hopeful (but not too much). It's been a fun experience the last few weeks, and now let's see if we get any hatches this week!!

I guess at this point we just leave the eggs alone and we'll see what happens!!

Man, this is almost worse than waiting for Christmas!!
Saturday was day 17 for me, but I went ahead and turned off the egg turner and put the eggs in a half carton with holes in it. This morning (Day 19) I had my first pip at 5 a.m. I hope there's nothing wrong with it being 2 days early! It's been 6 hours, and it is still cheeping, but no zipping yet. Can't see other pips, but I see wobbling eggs. I'm biting what nails I have left! The humidity is 70% right now. Good luck to you too!
Hey Bil, the first is always the hardest, waiting, that is! LOL
Good luck!! P.S. Did you raise your humidity for day 18-21?

Good Luck Jay1995!

teddiliza, what's your temperature read? I've had them take up to 30 hours to hatch after pip.

I'll be awaiting updates from you all! Go eggies GO!!

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I had put in a quart jar to use as a heat sink, so this morning I took the lid off and when I left for work, the humidity was right where I wanted it. Now we'll see when I get home if it is still in the good range!

Good luck Jay & teddiliza!


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