Day 19 Fly Eggs in Cracked Shell

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    May 4, 2017
    Hello I need some quick advice please as I'm unsure of what to do. My hen has been sitting on her nest for the past 19 or 20 days and I had one chick hatch already that unfortunately passed away. Another egg was cracked and a piece of the shell broken. Only the egg membrane i believe its called is showing but flies got to it and laid eggs. I tried removing all the eggs with a thin stick but I realized there was a rip in the membrane as well. Its small and I didn't want to mess with it and make it bigger but it does look like theres little eggs in there too.

    What do I do? I already removed the egg from the hen. If i leave the eggs there maggots will hatch and eat it. While I was cleaning the egg I saw movement through the membrane and as I have the egg in the house under a heat lamp I heard peeping.

    What should I do, should I hatch it out? Is it still too early or what can I do please help.


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    Mar 30, 2017
    If it's peeping, let it hatch. It should probably be able to do it before the maggots get to doing much harm, then once it's hatched you can give it a bath to wash them off.

    Long ago, I once found a baby duck in a nest I'd been watching, left behind by mother because it wasn't old enough to walk, and it was covered in maggots. We gave it a bath to wash them off and it seemed fine after that.

    Day 19 or 20 is by the way pretty normal for chicken chicks, mine usually hatch out early and they do well.
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