Day 20 and I hear cheeping

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  1. It wasn't straddle legs. Both chicks had the same deformity, their legs were deformed. They couldn't stand, they got progressively worse and the other chicks threw them out from under the brooder and were attacking them so we had to call them. It was a very brutal experience for us all but over quickly and we all felt the relief. I can't believe it's been a week since that first pip. I have three beautiful healthy chicks. I'm not sure if my humidity was too high at the end for the later hatching chicks or it was something with the father. I've told the person who hatched the eggs but he just said it takes time to learn how to do this and I ad a great result for my first time.

    I do know what to do about real straddle leg but also know exactly how to prevent it so hope never to do it again.
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    Sounds like if they were deformed it might be related to the breeder bird's diet or disease and not anything to do with incubating.
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    Were all your eggs from the same breeder? and if so, what breed were the two with bad legs? I'm thinking there could be something wrong with the parent birds.
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  4. They were from a breeder who had 2 cockerels. It was a mixed batch. One looked like a little black maran and the other was yellow. I have mentioned it to him.
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