Day 20 Chirping!!


Apr 16, 2015
Rural Okotoks, AB.
Made it to day 20 with only one loss - rotten smell and leaking egg - with the other 23 looking good after candling.

Since this morning, hearing quite a bit of chirping and witnessed a couple of the eggs moving on their own. Very exciting!!

Got the brooder ready and pre-heated so can't wait to start seeing them pip!!

Will post updates.

That's excellent news only one loss, I hope you have a great hatch. Yes the peeping and rocking of the eggs is very exciting and a time when I don't get a lot done as I just can't stop looking or checking on the incubator. I have to force myself to stop staring!! I'm sure your feeling just the same.

All sounds good for you, hope you have some pips soon :thumbsup
So looks like out of 24 eggs I've ended up with 7 chicks - all White Leghorns. Doing extremely well. All the Buff O's were duds. One of the WL started to pip but beak looks like it's stuck and 'molded' just through the shell. I think this is what I've read when the term 'shrinkwrapped' is used.

Disappointing but happy with the little guys that made it.

6 girls and a boy!
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