day 20 Jersey Giants are hatching!!!

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  1. I just took 7 eggs off the turner. I started with 9 of maria halls sq jersy giants. One not fertile, one died in embryo and 7 very fertile and active eggs. I got them off late but one or two looks very close to air cell. Wish me luck!
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    Wishing you lots of luck. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. We are at day 19 temp is steady and humidity at 66%
  4. Today is day 20. This morning I heard some peeps and rocking going on. I thought great right on schedule Maybe I will see a pip tonight when I get home. Well i got home to 5 babies and one is zipping and one has just started to pip and we are halfway through day 20. This may be my most sucessful hatch yet by percentage. The babies are big and fat and mostly a black or black spash, i believe one is a steel blue. I highly recommendn maria halls jersey giants.
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    yur so lucky!!!
    i wish i had space for some of those gigantic chickens [​IMG]
    congrats and good luck on your hatch.
    (and pics soon please!)
  6. Just an update on my hatch. We had 6 of the 7 hatch. It is day 22 and candled the last egg and it's not moving but I'm really happy for the success we had. I had a 86% success my best so far. I'm going to post pics later, they are beautiful, bigger than the ones I hatched two weeks ago. One thing I wanted to add, one of them is a partridge color. Do jg come in a brown???
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