Day 20- no pips?


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Aug 19, 2008
I am on day 20 with a single egg in my homemade bator. It's not moving as much any more(I am not sure, since I know i shouldn't candle it when it's getting ready to hatch!) but it was moving the last time I candled it(on about day 16-17) Temp. is 100-101 degrees F. and hum. is about 65%, which is really good.
The egg hasn't piped yet. I thought that maybe last night it would, but it was the same when i woke up. It is expected to be late, since i have had to move the bator+egg due to travel plans(this was done during the first days when it was in the bator and around day 17) Temp. stayed up so I don't think that any harm was done.
When do you think it will pip?
I'm really worried! I will probably wait til day 27-28 and if nothing happens, I will make a small hole in the air bubble part of the egg to see if and why it died.
any advise?
Give it a couple of days my dh was going to throw out three eggs that our broody was sitting on and she'd been sitting on for about 23 days and I told him to wait and we hatch out a pip or two. So sorry but wait a little longer,
I'm on day 20 as well and no pips yet. Alot of moving with some of the eggs and can hear chirping, so I don't think it will be long.
yours are moving already!

what type of eggs do you have? I have a red star/rhode island red mix. Good luck with your eggs, too!
temp. is currently steady and at 100 degrees F. and hum. is steady and staying at 65%. that sounds right...
Does your home made incubator have fan to circulate the air within it? If not, your temps are low and the egg will likely hatch late. If it does have a fan, then you should be fine and just need to wait it out until the chicky decides to make an appearance. Good luck.

No, I don't have a fan.
And yes, I was expecting it to hatch late, but I was wondering how late....? AND ALSO, my temps. aren't really that low. They are NOW (weren't at first) steady at 100-101 degrees F. and hum. is a steady 65-70%. Still no pips. Thanks!
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