Day 20 on hatching chicken eggs:)

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May 8, 2012
Hi ya all! I'm so excited about my Rhode Island Reds and Dominickers getting ready to hatch! I have 23 of them right now not sure how many of each bread they was giving to me. I'm as anxious as everyone talks about being in other postings I've read about the wait game/lock down! :) I can hear them chirp, and rolling around like crazy! I've told my boys its ok they're playing bumper cars right now kinda seems like it lol Some aren't moving and understand it may take up a few more days then the 21 for them to hatch and what would be the recommend extended time frame??. I just thought I'd start a new form in case I got some questions someone would be able to answer for me;) I'm new to this, and only thing I haven't done that I've read you should do is humidity control. I've got always had water in the bottom of my incubators (no moisture on windows of incubator), but don't know how much it is. I also live in Missouri which is normally always humid here ;) so I'm little concerned about that but (little to late now) future hatching I'm defiantly going to invest into one so I know for certain. So I've read so much my brain has about to explode, some day one thing some say another... So I'm going by experience, and I hope I have a successful hatch. P.S. the incubator has not been disturbed at all sense lock down. Oh one question whats more better newspaper or wood chips in the brooder?
Pacing floors LOL


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Apr 4, 2013

I know it's been a year, but I was wondering what your hatch rate was for this bunch. I also didn't monitor my humidity and I'm on Day 20. My hygrometer has finally arrived so I'm able to monitor it for these last couple of days.


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