Day 20 zipping

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    Feb 26, 2009
    Ok, I checked my hatching spreadsheet and I got my dates mixed up. I'm an idiot, what can I say. [​IMG]
    So that means I left 3 eggs turning that should have been on lockdown for 2 extra days.
    Hope they do ok, and thank goodness for the little peeper that got my attention.
    Below is my mistaken thoughts when I still thought this was day 17, not day 20.

    I have a friend who brings me eggs to incubate. He cracked a blue ameraucana egg so I told him to seal it with wax and bring it.
    I have not candled these eggs, just popped them in. They are in with Penedesenca eggs that are too dark to candle anyway, so I just am going by the # of days.

    Well, I had planned to move these 4 eggs to the hatcher tomorrow (day #18) as there are other eggs still turning in the incubator.

    Imagine my surprise when I hear peeping from the still turning cabinet incubator! I checked to be sure there was not a loose chick, then turned the racks to level so I could check the 4 eggs due on Friday.
    The one with the wax on it was zipping!
    talk about a determined chick!

    I just took those 4 and put them hastily into the hatcher. I'll keep an eye out incase the transfer made humidity problems.

    All I can think of is with the heat we have been having, the egg had started to incubate before it got to me. Then it went to work in an egg carton, sat on my desk and came home a few hours later to be put in the incubator.

    Or, I have a new species of 17 day incubating chicks.

    I'll keep you posted with pics.

    The lonely pene chick that hatched yesterday is sure going to be glad to see this new little one. She's all cuddled up with her stuffed dog toy in a brooder all by herself.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    Oh you have Penes! I only got roos to hatch last year, no hens. I sold my remaining roo recently but I have some half pene pullets now. Two are half pene half marans. Can't wait to see what the eggs look like.

    I have had silkie eggs pip that early but then wait a day to actually hatch.
  3. mediazeal

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    Feb 26, 2009
    well, she's hatched!
    little blue ameraucana
    I thought the wax might slow her down but she just zipped right through it
    thank goodness I heard her peeping cause the cabinet incubator turns the shelves every 45 minutes.
    would not be pretty
    that was really wild

    she's drying now
    I'll post pics when I move her to the brooder wtih the pene

    Yes, I have wheaten penedesencas
    I'm only hatching the darkest eggs, none of the lighter or chalky ones that occassionally come along.
    I have a few hens and I dont' want to leave too few with a roo so I just get the eggs I want for hatching.
    Too bad you are all the way in Virginia, I could give you a few eggs to hatch.

    There is a pene thread in breeds section, there might be someone close to you.

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