Day 20???


6 Years
Sep 2, 2013
This is my second attempt at incubating. My last batch was a huge success but they died within the first week. (it got extremely hot and humid in Missouri, and I went to the hospital and no one shut off the heat lamp... Very depressing) ANYWAY I have tried everything to get the humity up, creating more surface water adjusting the bulb closer.... Then farther sealing cracks where air can escape. And then humidity is still setting at 41. I don't want to disturb them to much. But I'm loosing my mind over if they are okay. I was adjusting there light again a minute ago and candled an egg without touching and then air sack looks like it has... Beg and drooping on one side... I haven't seen pictures of them ever do that... Please help?!
One side looked like a good air sack and as I turned it the air sack drastically swooped toward the middle of the egg. It's began hatching this morning I let out a sigh of relief. No noise not even pecking. Now I'm even more worried. It's fun to hatch eggs but hens don't worry this much goodness!

Thanks you both so much for your wonderful input!!
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