Day 21 and no signs of hatching...


6 Years
Feb 26, 2018
Islamabad, Pakistan
Hi friends,
Today is the 21st day for the eggs and there was a little pipping in one of the eggs, as it was struggling since more than 12 hours, i helped it by removing the shell and was very careful that the inner membrane is not hurt, but there still was blood that came out.... now what will happen? will the chick die?

I am feeling so upset about trying to help the chick by removing the little bit of the shell....

Please need some consolation.... :(😱
As long as you stopped once you saw blood they should be fine. Keep an eye out that it doesn’t dry. I know it’s hard to resist wanting to help but just let them do its thing.

I’ve personally have had more fatalities than saves when thinking a chick needs assistance so I have learned to just let them be and if they die at least it wasn’t by my hand.
Try and keep the membrane moist if you can. Whether the chick will die will depend on how much blood it has lost. Keep the egg warm and the membrane moist to give it the best chance

Chicks can take up to 24 hours to hatch after pipping. They only time I helped a chick was after 26 hours and it was clear it was stuck as it had two toes hanging out the hole preventing it from turning.
Just be patient. I know it’s really hard! I recently had some eggs hatch too. Unless their really struggling and it’s been over 24 hours with no progress I wouldn’t intervene. As for the bleeding it depends on how bad it was. I was helping my last egg hatch and there was some slight bleeding but I immediately stopped and clotted the blood. That didn’t kill it so I’d say yours has a chance.

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