Day 21 and nothing


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Its been 21 days and i still havent heard any peeps. Should i crack the eggs to help further the process or just wait another day before i do that? Any advice would help. thanks
Don't crack the eggs. They will either hatch or they won't. If by day 25 they have not hatched you want to move them outside and just bury them. If there is rot in any of the eggs you don't want to smell it. Believe me!!!!!
Hang in there! If most of us had a nickel for everytime we made this exact same post or saw it everyone at BYC would have a nickel. I predict in the next 24 hours you will edit this post to read *UPDATE I've got pips!

Wait - and whatever you do don't open the bator.
Usually by day 22 if there are no pips I turn the incubator off. I know it's a bit troubling not having any hatch, I've had 2 dozen not hatch on me! It's upsetting, but there's always next time!

You can candle the eggs to look for movement before you do decide to pull the plug, that would probably be the safest thing to do.
I am on day 22 with no signs of life as well....very frustrating! I have 34 eggs in there. The last week before lockdown they did not get turned because my fiance accidentally unplugged it to plug something else in and I didnt realize it until lockdown day

So...I will give it until day 25 as well, and I think just bury them like the post above if nothing happens. THEN...start over.
I didnt think about candling the eggs again. I'm going to do that today and hope that i see something moving

thanks for the idea

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