day 21 and nothing


12 Years
Nov 14, 2007
Eaton, Ohio
Hi all,
Today was/is day 21, nothing going on in incubator. We have it set in the egg carton, can't hear anything and don't see anything. We haven't opened or messed with, have just tried to forget it.

65-70 humidity 99-100 temp.
When should we open the incubator to check on it?
I know if it hasn't made it, it will be a "bigger" chick since it was ok before we put it in.
Should we wait 1-2 more days?
Thank you for any and all suggestions!
My chicks were born on Day 22 and Day 23.

I would definately give it more time and don't lose hope!

Day 21 drove me crazy. I thought all was lost and I was so sad. But the next day was amazing so hang in there.
This is the part where you just might think you are loosing your sanity! LOL

Wait and see seems so trite when you say it but seriously that is all you can do.
Today is day 21 for me and I already have 8 chicks and another will be here in just a minute.I have 10 more eggs and only 2 are piped so I'm beginning to get a little worried.
I had to wait until day 22 before I had piping. And today is day 25 with my last one coming out. My first time to do this, I think it's the longest 21 to 25 days of your life. Good luck with them. Ginger
Well I have found some comfort in reading the responses to your post. I am on day 22 for most of the eggs in the bator and day 20 on the eggs under my broody hen. We are expecting Silkies and Jersey Giants. We have one adorable Jersey Giant Chick who hatched out Thursday, but so far nobody else is hatching. We have Buff Orpington's and Barred Rocks already and it is one of my buff hens who is sitting on silkie eggs in my newly constructed (Thanks hubby) chicken brooder building/storage facility.
If the chicks have pipped the air cell you'll see nothing. The chick will fill up the egg. No air cell will be visible at the top of your eggs.

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