Day 21 first time hatching!!


Mar 26, 2018
Hey there guys!
Im on day 21 of incubation of 14 chicken eggs. My husband has made two small home made incubators 7 eggs in each one. A heat and humidity thermometer which throughout the past21 days its stayed between 98.5 -101.5 and humidity stayed beteeen 50%-65% now its day 21 and i have one egg pipped a snall hole and one other egg rocking back and fourth but thats it. Im worried about eggs atm and not sure what to its been hours and no movment.!! Im worried plz help!!
Give them 24 hours from when you see the external pip. :D it so exciting!!!

When you can take your chicks out sorta depends on a few things. My incubator i made myself and can access and remove chicks without loosing humidity i take mine and move them to the brooder with a heating pad for them to snuggle under before theyre fully fluffed. I just wait until theyve found their feet.

This isnt the recommended way. If you would loose humidity opening the incubator it shpould be left shut until all have hatched or max 3 days after the first one is hatched.

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