Day 21, Getting Worried...

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    This morning was day 21, I had what sounded like 3 out of 4 eggs chirping (different corners of the incubator, so i can kinda tell who is chirping) and now tonight only one has pipped, it has been poking at the same spot all afternoon and has made a pretty good hole, but hasn't moved at all. You can see it's beak completely and it's still alive, but it's not coming out... Could it be stuck? I've had them be too big for their egg before... I don't want to open the incubator and try to 'rescue' it and potentially harm the others, but i don't want it to die either... how long do you wait if they haven't moved from their initial pip spot and are just making a bigger hole there???

    And I haven't heard a single peep from the other eggs all afternoon... [​IMG]

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    Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for the chicks to hatch. How is your humidity. I keep mine at around 65% to 70%. Also if you had temperature fluctuations that can affect the hatch too. If you have heard peeping then the chicks have internally piped.

    ETA: If you try to help piped chicks hatch they will die unless they are partially hatched (zipped) then they may have a chance.
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