Day 21 - No chicks hatching out or peeping or chirping or moving! Help


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Oct 5, 2010
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee help!

It's Day 21 and I have no chicks hatching out or anything!

If I remember correctly, 21 days ago when I put my eggs into incubation, it was about 6 pm.
Right now, its about 4:30 pm in the afternoon.
I put my eggs into incubation on the 29th of September, 2010.

Now there is no moving, chirping, peeping, shaking or anything!



I am really worried!

Pleasee help!

Thanks In Advance!
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If your temps were just a little low it can delay the hatch by a couple of days so it's much too soon to panic. Also if you are counting the day you put the eggs in at 6pm as day one you are actually only on day 20. I know it's nerve wracking, but it really is way too soon to worry. Hang in there and hopefull you'll be posting pictures of little fuzzy butts in a day or two.
So how many days do you think it will take?
Another 1 or 2 or 3?
Try to take it easy.
If the temperature was a bit low eggs can and will hatch up until about day 25.

Try to keep away from the incubator a bit, when you go back to it say loudly' come on guys' and shine a light in there. You may well see rocking or hear cheeping....but you may have to wait a day or two for that yet.

Good Luck
It depends on if you're temps where a bit low and if so, by how much. I for sure would leave things alone for another 48 hours and if you still don't get anything go ahead and candle the eggs before tossing them. What kind of bator are you using, what temp and humidity are you at?

It's after midnight here--I've been waiting for the pressure canner to get done, but have to get up for work in a few hours so won't be online anymore "tonight." Check out the links within the link below--lots of good stuff and hopefully it will make you feel better. Try to resist mucking about in the bator just yet since it will mess up the temp. and humidity and it's still very possible that you have chicks in there that will hatch out just fine if you give them a bit more time.

I'll check back in after work--hoping for some chick pics.
Hi all,

Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate it.

I am using a homemade incubator that has no fan in it and it is made out of a styro foam container.

Thanks to everybody who replied and thanks for making me feel better!



Thanks Again!
Nope, i am getting worried.

And I also feel bad now because I opened the incubator and tried to candle my eggs.

And when I did, I did actually see a huge dark spot with a little black dot in the egg.

And also, almost the shape of wings.

I feel really bad right now and please people don't rub it in.

I will try and resist the temptation to open the incubator.

I could have possibly ruined my hatch couldn't I?


Yes, you may even feeling like you want to
me and I don't blame you.

But seriously, how do I know if they are still alive and not dead already in the shell?

Need help ASAP!

Thanks in advance!
Have you shouted to them and shone a light in to look for movement/cheeping? (Won't affect the temp. or humidity).

If absolutely intent on opening the 'bator again have a basin of slightly warm water and drop an egg in it gently....if it wobbles there's a live chick in there.

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