Day 21 update - now w/pix of Speckledhens "grandchickens"

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  1. Well, one mixed Welsummer/BR and one BBS orp are hatched....all from Speckledhens stock. The Welsummer chick is HUGE. The BBS baby is from Dusty and Suede (if you know Speckledhens flock) and I think it is blue [​IMG] and I have one of Smokys eggs pipped this morning. 4 of the EE/BR eggs are pipped, but moving sooooo slowly. I need to move my office from above the garage down to the basement today. DW says I'm acting like a little kid.....oh well. Will post some pix once I have more hatch. Thanks to Cyn for all her help.....she helps me via email SEVERAL times daily. She has been such a blessing and is soooo patient with my newbie questions and ALWAYS willing to help. I couldn't do without her. I can't say THANKS enough. [​IMG]
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    Can't wait to see the pictures!
  3. Ok...I'm gonna try to attach pix now


    This one has what I hope is a Blue Orp in the back, a Welsummer/BR mix in the center of the 'bator


    This is one of the Barred EEs trying to get out


    Almost out


    He made it!!!!
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    they are really cute
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    Congratulations and very cute! But what I want to know is.....

    Did you get your office moved yet? [​IMG]
  6. Quote:No....not yet. DW says I need the exercise anyway and my wireless internet connection doenst work so well in the basement. So....I guess I'm stuck above the garage and have to go up/down 2 flights of stairs to check. Reminds me of "running bleachers" when I was in High School....uggghh. [​IMG]
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    Sounds like things are progressing just fine! Can't wait to see them all fluffed out. And you're welcome, Scott. It's a pleasure!

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