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Today is the 22nd day and 23rd day for some eggs I've been incubating and I haven't gotten anything so far. No peeps, pips, haven't seen any movement. Should I be concerned? One thing that has me worried is this is my first attempt at incubating and I have my eggs in an egg carton. People say that helps their hatch rates. Should I remove them and lay them on their sides? Any help would be appreciated!
It depends on any other elements in the bator were they corect did everything happen normally,
and if it day 22/23 it is a good idea to take the eggs out of the carton as this may give the chicks some difficulty.

PS: Did you candle them half way through to see if anything was developing:D

I candled several times and even before lockdown and I saw movement and growth every time. That's why I am worried. Everything was going great. I think today I will take them out and water test them and lay them on there sides. I was just worried about it confusing them and making it difficult for them to figure out which way to pip. Thank you for helping!
Well I did the water test and none of them sank. Some was moving enough to notice and others was bobbing. So I guess there just gonna hatch late? Should/could I do anything to help in this process? I left them in the egg carton. Should I take them out?
I candled them because I'm so nervous and only 3 out of ten I saw movement. One chick looks like its beak is in the air sac. Kinda looks like it's gasping. Should I start a hole there to ensure air flow or leave it? Someone please help me out and tell me the best solution.

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