Day 22 and Eggs Haven't Hatched?!

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  1. I have a Cukoo Maran hen sitting on about 15 eggs and a yellow/brownish mixed breed sitting on about 5. It is day 22 for the Cukoo Maran and day 20 for the mixed breed and nothing has hatched... normal..? [​IMG] Yesterday I candled about 4 eggs each from their nests and I couldn't see anything inside them. they were completely black. I could see nothing but an air sack. If I can only see solid black (and nothing moving) does this mean just an over growth of bacteria? A dead chick inside? Or just a chick ready to come out soon? No blood cells in sight. I'm Kinda confused... [​IMG]I only saw one egg that visibly had something alive and kicking, in it almost looking too big to fit in the shell. Lol [​IMG] Help, somebody!!
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    when they are that far along you probably won't see anything moving in the egg and all all you'll see is a black shape that's normal, as for the 22 days i'm not sure, maybe they are just a day late, wait and see if any have pipped
  3. Thanks!! [​IMG] I'll wait a couple days and see what happens. [​IMG]
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    good luck!
  5. Hey! Ooone more question, sorry! [​IMG] One egg I candled had a black dot sort of floating around in the middle of it. It was about the size of a half dollar. I could see through the rest of the egg and I could see the air sack. It wasn't moving. No blood vessels.. Deceased chick?! Was that just the yoke of an unfertile egg maybe? Should i throw that one out? Our could it be one still developing? Thanks! [​IMG][​IMG]
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    USUALLY, I can at least see some movement along the edge of the air cell at hatch time. Not being able to see any at all would be concerning, but I would give it another day or so to be positive.
    It sounds like an early quitter. No veins is a sign it's either gone or will be gone soon.
  7. Cukoo Maran hen hatched 1 chick this morning! AHHHHH!!![​IMG][​IMG]

    The only thing is, in the OTHER hen's nest I found a broken egg shell with ants all over it and blood vessels inside it. AND Cuckoo Maran feather in it. Inside was slightly wet. eek. No sign of a chick

    The mixed breed hen had moved to a different nest.
    Was the chick eaten, you think? Do I have a homicidal broody, maybe?


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