Day 22 and my humidity is slowly decreasing...Help!


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May 20, 2011
I noticed one of the water wells has dried up and my humidity is down to 77%. I am on day 22 and no sign of pipping yet. Can/should I open up to add water? If so, should I also candle the eggs since it is being open anyways? Is 77% ok to leave? It has been dropping by 1% per day.
Actually, I apologize! I miscounted my days or temporarily lost my mind. It is still day 21 for another 2 hours
First hatch...nuff said
Everywhere else I have read that the humidity needs to be between 80-85%, however, on this forum, it seems that a lower humidity is better, but I don't know how much lower is ok.
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I know you were just joking, but for the people ho did not..:

unless you keep your temp at exactly 99.5 and maintain the correct humidity throughout the whole 21 days, you cannot calculate your hatch down to the day/hour/minute..
I'm going to go CRAZY!!
It could still be another day or two or three before anything! Come on chickees...the world is awaiting you!!! (Or at least my kidlets and I are)

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