Day 22 and yet nothing

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    Dec 19, 2011
    I set 12 chicken eggs from my own flock at 1200am (midnight) on 1-11-12 so I counted that day as day one . I figured yesterday to be day 21 had two of the eggs rocking but no pips or peeps . Still today same two rocking alittle but no pips no peeps . On day 18 I candled and locked down all of them were moving and air sac seemed normal in all . First time hatch and it's driving me crazy . I just want to open up the incubator and candle one and see what's going on .don't worry I won't ... Yet . I'll give it a few days. Using a still air incubator . Temp has been at 99.5 to 100 . Had humidity at 50 for first 18 now it's at 65-70 . I have looked on here and see that the temp might have been low for a still air . That's what the directions that came with it said so that's what I did. Now I wonder if it has messed up the hatch. :rolleyes:
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    Interested in how yours come out. I set about 12 eggs on Jan 9 around midnight - using the dry incubator method (in a styrofoam bater)
    My temps were 99-100 mostly, with humidity around 25-35 pct, then day 18 candled but could not see too much activity - esp. hard with dark brown eggs. Not sure if my Roo (who died two days before I collected the eggs) had made it to all the hens or not.
    ANYWAY, yesterday I got ONE little chick to hatch - and he/she is doing fine, but alas, very lonely.
    I am keeping her in the brooder for a bit longer, still hoping for more chicks to hatch. We are on day 23 today....
    My concern is what will I do with just one chick??? I have even thought about trying to slip her under the wings of one of my hens, but am afraid they might just kill it. Anyone ever had a single orphan and had any luck integrating them into an adult area???
    When my hens hatched their own eggs a year ago - most all the hens accepted the chicks an took turns keeping them warm at night under their wingspan.
    oh....what to do?

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