Day 22, did I mess up?

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    I candled my eggs today as it's day 22. Out of 14 eggs, 4 were non starters, 4 quit halfway through, 2 I just candled were DIS-shrink wrapped I think, and that leaves me with 4. I candled the last 6, the 2 that were DIS, and the 4 live eggs. The live ones were internally pipped. Did I kill them by candling them, you think?? I was extremely gentle and very quick, the temp didn't even change. They all peeped at me, that's good, right? [​IMG]

    Now I just keep on waiting and raise the humidity even more because of the shrink-wrapped eggs, right? Humidity is at 55-61, add 5 degrees to my hygrometer. I just put a sock (clean![​IMG] ) in there soaked with hot/warm water. Anything else I can do?
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    All I can say is that my humidity was always around 35-40, today is Day 22 or 23 (shame on me!), and I have 2 that just hatched, and 3 or 4 more that are pipped. I am not a seasoned 'hatcher' by any means, but I'd say if they're internally pipped, you can expect an external pip really soon, and I'd say that as far as being candled, they should be ok. I keep out of my incubator as much as I can, but I have candled those same eggs a day ago, and we're doing fine today. I also don't get freaky about the humidity as much as a too-high temp. Too much humidity can be as negative as too little. With both my man-made and my LG bator, I could only get about 40%.

    Wish I were more experienced to give you some more info, but I bet you will have a pip soon! (fingers are crossed)
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    Apr 1, 2010
    ok keep your temp at 99.5 or as close as you can avoid spikes high and low keep your humidity at about 50-55 during incubation raise humidity to 75% or close at hatch its gonna go up when they start comming out dont sweat it I pull all my birds from the incubator when they are good and dry as far as candeling goes if the eggs not blacked out by day 15 toss it and when you remove the turner candle again and if its not blacked out toss it good luck and candeling dont hurt a thing I do it every time after all who wants an infertile egg to explode in the incubator

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